FINAL PROPOSAL. Quadrangle View


During my final tutorial on 3/05/2017 I presented the image immediately below. It was, rightly criticised for not having enough joy. Untitled

I was encouraged to work into it to bring out the life within my scheme and identify the design decision that I have made but was not showing. It was a useful too to investigate material.

I revised the image to this version.



This was an improvement but I wanted wanted to enhance it further to really bring out the sole of my scheme.

The final version is viewed as the featured image on this page.

I’m happy with the feel of this image. Admittedly it’s taken me too long to complete as I continue to build up my proficiency in photoshop for this type of image making.

By adding the patina, oil stains on the floor and rusty balustrading, I think it really begins to convey how the Courtyard space would feel. This area is central to my scheme metaphorically as well as physically.

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