Barbican Project.

Monday 9th. Trying to get into it

Tuesday 10th. Getting there. Got slightly ahead with 2d started on 3d. initial truss images issued to takeshi. changed the following morning

Wednesday 11th. Figured problem with trusses. images to takeshi. sorted problem in the evening TH not tactful. Clear there is a lot of pressure on the project in a number of different directions.

Thursday 12th. work. autosport. funeral.

Friday 13th. More progress with 3d and figuring out problems

Monday 16th. Dissertation hard copy. More progress. got to some practical work

Tuesday 17th. Started animation

Wednesday 18th. finished animation for school assembly.

Thursday 19th. work

Friday 20th. Construction dstaryed in library. Some problems of wall fitment. beams wtc. slow start but getting into oit

Saturday 21st. Long days. progress made. roof on

Sunday 22nd. couldn’t make it. felt guilty

Monday 23rd. Dismantling. Had to leave to collect car. got roof and all walls down. achy arms.

Tuesday 24th. Weald and downland. Burning wood. all good and impressive but not feeling well

Wednesday 25th – Wednesday 1st feb. Illness. got bette then worse. Then a&e. proper tonsillitis.


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