Dissertation. Final Hand in.

It feels like a good accomplishment to hand in my Dissertation on Hawksmoor. I have always enjoyed academic writing more than most architectural students. I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said there hadn’t been frustrating and stressful moments. However, Largely thanks to Alexandra Stara, I have navigating through the production of the longest and most focused discourse I have ever written.

Obviously I hope it will achieve a good mark, but I can genuinely say I’m proud of the finished item.

The below Excerpt is my closing paragraph:

“Hawksmoor’s London churches are distinct from their surroundings, whilst managing to respond both to the physical locality and the history of place. ey possess an enigmatic quality that captures and enthrals the imagination. ey are enriched with a potency that facilitates continual astonishment. I believe that Hawksmoor understood his powers as an architect above and beyond function, materiality and aesthetic. He recognised that buildings have that mysterious ability to in uence people. To alter feelings and to e ect lives beyond simple inhabitation. His designs were never a single trick because he excelled in the endeavour that came about during the process of rigorously designing spaces for people.”


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