Studio Crit. 7.12.2016

Comments on Shed:


  • Strong observations of suburbia.
  • Great things going on in unassuming places.
  • Extra tweaking – go beyond the means of the garages to great places.
  • Architecture of the existing place is mean in terms of space and material.
  • Detailing looks good.
  • Missed seeing it in it’s context
  • Tells how its made but not how it feels.
  • Why retain the brick wall?
  • Concept versus reality.
  • Condition is very strong.
  • Why reclaim space and then give it away?


  • Is the car white.
  • Show your car’s graphics.
  • Supporting the roof. Thinks the insertion methodology is ok.
  • Really likes the expanded take on the recycling.
  • Interesting to show the broken down components from he pavilion on the exploded axonometric too.
  • That way of thinking is really great.


  • Increase in width of cars.
  • If this was real – echo right the way down.

Comments on Housing Project:


  • Why not make higher density?
  • A block on the corner could do all of the things you’re talking about
  • The projects have too really stock up.
  • Observations on sheds very worthy. Amazing things happen behind closed doors
  • Strong realisation – nice premise.
  • Why make all the problems re contractural etc.


  • Important to test
  • Lots of external areas
  • Energy massive thing
  • Interesting start


  • Moriyama house is a response to the urban grain. Be careful about your response to the surrounding area.
  • Doesn’t mind increased density but idealistic terms of converting japanese type in england hard work.

General Comments:

  • Teaches not to paint one side on foamboard – cross on back.
  • Same true of facade panels – more expensive – joke.
  • Take care to represent the drawings well at a portfolio level for the Crits.
  • Make them as pieces themselves.
  • Strong polished pieces of work.
  • Half as many drawings but completely finished.
  • Tone down the tree and fences line weights.
  • Especially when they are very dry line drawings
  • Something else that goes alongside these that brings life to them.
  • JR – bring personality to the drawings too.
  • Applaud the fact you have been very specific about the trees. Could just be a fact of not going over the line so much.
  • Bring the motif on the car through every drawing to tie each piece together.

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