Dissertation: Final Tutorial. 24.11.16

  • Visual is now key
  • Full Bleed could be good.
  • Plunder Existing photographs – you can edit these to make them more uncomfortable
  • Bring the threads from he introductory sections back through in the main section of the text.
  • Bring the Middleton and Lynch theories back into the main section in your own words.
  • Boxes are ticked nicely so good opportunity to go further.
  • Intellectual ambition.
  • Master Dissertation is about bringing something more than is already out there.
  • On the dutiful side, but push it further.
  • Think as an Architect – This is relevant to your as an architect.
  • Bring an Architect’s voice rather than an Historian’s position.
  • Experiential piece of prose works well to bring in your own thoughts.
  • “Look at this, this could be what he was thinking…”
  • No electricity – candles makes the light issue even more striking.
  • You can speculate.
  • “Probably, arguably, it’s perfectly possible, I would speculate, As I understand it, it strikes me”
  • All baked up with great imagery.
  • Visually communicate the points you make. This brings it out of historical context and into the contemporary.
  • Really clever bit to say “This has just happened, is he reacting to this etc” Think of the Jacobite rebellion and the beasts.
  • Think of the Daniel Rosbottom standing in the doric column with exaggeration so that it fitted your shoulders.
  • We can prove architectural facts.
  • At the end of the proper historical stuff, this is really strong.
  • Offers something new.
  • Decent dissertation is over 10,000 words. Pushes 12,000. Don’t make it 1000’s of words over 12,000.
  • Title.

Hawksmoor’s London Churches

“A most solemn and Aweful Experience.”

  • Aweful – full of awe.
  • Perfect title. Then you pull this out in the introduction and explain it. Take this spatial tension, solemnity and awe. Takes it to the next level.


  • Influence a good way to get into the conclusion.
  • Borromini quote is great.
  • Conclusion si taking it forward.
  • Bring out your own voice again in the conclusion  as a link to the your studio position.
  • Make divided but paralleled comparison to Fujimori.
  • Final 2 paragraphs should be combined – good close.
  • Paragraph about reformation feels out of place.
  • What it means for me after the agains a grain bit and before the final section. My own “struggles with urban space”
  • broadcast social/ political etc references in your buildings.
  • Dilemmas, tensions, questions.
  • Hawksmoor and Fujimori. Playfulness and Understanding of the building setting up extraordinary experiences
  • How do we deal with what matters – in a controlled way.

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