AR7102 -Precedent Essay

Think about a specific part of the project

One analytical drawing of the building.

Structure. How key it is to what the building looks like.

Look back at original sketches but important to do your own original drawings.

Building you’ve visited or can visit.

Could be field trip, doesn’t have to be.

describe the structural characteristics n the essay.

Sergison bates. draw section and elevation simultaneously.

Atelier Bow Wow – sectional perspectives.

Projection – Iso Axo Worms etc.

Small detail – entrance sequence.

Graham Bisley drawings – exploded facade axonometric.

Draw it by hand to start with to understand what you are drawing.

Can’t draw the whole project – set the tone with existing drawings – build up to your final piece.

Facing Pages text and diagrams / drawings.

Upfront – Set out general project information quickly – as in article – either in first paragraph or list.

Zoom in and out of details to show how things are finished as well as structure and substructure.

Reference everything you use.

Can step outside of unit brief. But needs to be rigorous.

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