Pro Practice – Session 1 – 04.10.2016

Professional Practice in the final year:

Thesis – Main chunk of year. 10 hours per credit. 

Unit Manual:

  • Group Identifies key research that underpins the unit thesis for the year.
    • Region / Location
    • Building type
    • Design Process
  • By Christmas – Collected and curated all info that supports individual projects.
  • School Assembly after dissertation hand in, finalise / present unit manual

The Thesis Project Diary

  •   Narrative/ line of enquiry
  •   Demonstrate evaluation, reflection and identification of future learning
  •   Demonstrate observation, interpretation and critical analysis
  •   Fulfil requirements of a professional development plan

    The Project Diary will record and communicate the process and development of your project. It will set out the rationale for the development of the Brief. It will document skills and wider learning. It will provide a holistic view of the evolution of your thinking and of your project.

The Thesis Professional Practice Report – Provide a clear and concise identification of the professional, procedural and regulatory context of your individual project in the form of a professional report to your client.

Professional Practice Elements in the Reader – The coherent communication of your thesis together with a concise executive summary as to how you have integrated and resolved professional issues in your proposal.

For the Next session have a think about the organisation of practices. 


Task 01 : Please have answers to the following for next week, set out on a maximum of 2 X A3 sheets ready for discussion :

  • Who/what are you as a Unit? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What is the implication of this?
  • What can you agree on?
  • Where do you differ?
  • What is your architectural and ethical position? (Do you have one? – Do you need one? – How might you get one?)
  • How are you going to work together?
  • How will you define the tasks needed for your initial work on the Unit Manual?
  • Are all tasks the same and how will you distribute them?
  • What resources, in terms of knowledge, skill, professional and technical competence will you need?
  • How will this determine the tasks that you need to undertake?
  • What are the questions that need to be asked?
  • How will this inform the way you undertake tasks?
  • How will you set the standards for your performance?
  • How will you judge the outcome?
  • What would be success – what would be failure – who decides?

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