Dissertation Tutorial – Draft 1

Notes from Tutorial with Alexandra Stara – Re. Hawksmoor Dissertation Draft hand in.

  • Bit more Reading.- Links in the feedback.
  • Bit more on the actual buildings.
  • Good and Solid but a bit dutiful.
  • Still writing in a methodical manner.
  • Particular Target – aim for it.
  • Step Back – First and Foremost become strategic.
  • Identify what which Churches to talk about and what it is about them.
  • Talk about the buildings as an architect. Don’t compete with Historians on a historical level.
  • Have to set it up. Re- adjust once you’ve done the building studies.
  • Combination of research and experience
  • Experience as an informed person.
  • He was building that while tensions were happening – is that why he died certain things.
  • Ackroyd very cummogenly. Assistant says about Sir Christopher – tension.
  • Build on on the research.
  • Draw threads from political socio environment.
  • Bring it back
  • Edited to fit your thesis at the end.
  • Expand sources to help.
  • Get into the buildings is the primary target.
  • Not all of the buildings.
  • Entrance
  • Ceilings
  • Light
  • Column
  • Facade
  • Change structure so it’s not split urban and exterior. Part 1, Part 2 and then by buildings.
  • Make it clear which buildings and why you are talking about them in intro.
  • Masonic – sensible club arg the break down of class system.
  • No new anything feels legitimate if it doesn’t have a reference to the past.
  • Has to be different because things are different.
  • How do you convey it.
  • Title needs work.


This is a solid and promising draft – though much about the buildings themselves is still just a hint.

Your sources can be further expanded… Your bibliography is incomplete, which makes it seem even more so (eg. Middleton and Lynch are missing); but a quick online search brought up things like this, which sounds like it might be interesting (what else is out there?):

(you should be able to get full access via our library and JStor)
Also, might this book be relevant? (though the theme sounds quite specialised): https://books.google.co.uk/books?hl=en&lr=&id=cZVTYgjh48wC&oi=fnd&pg=PR9&dq=hawksmoor&ots=jqR -zr-6Dy&sig=XUAmygxnesdkd0OP-frthbyQDiA#v=onepage&q=hawksmoor&f=false

Your subtitle doesn’t quite make sense (Spatial Tension and Interpretation?)

You can be more precise with your use of language – eg. a ‘threshold’ is part of the spatial structure/organisation of a building, so when you list ‘space, light and thresholds’ as three key aspects of Hawksmoor’s inventiveness it doesn’t quite make sense. You could be more precise, saying something like ‘composition of interior spaces, extended thresholds between inside and outside [because there are thresholds between interior spaces, too], and dramatic use of light’.

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