It seems both a very short and very long time ago that we were boarding our plane to Japan. But it’s a moment that sticks in my mind now I’ve reached hand in day.

In my opening statement I wrote that I was concerned about being allowed to follow different architectural styles rather than the ‘Kingston Style’ that I’d been faced with during my Part I. Frankly,  I couldn’t have wished for a more intriguing studio. Whilst it is likely that I could have carried out more in depth study if university and studio was my sole focus  I’ve had my eyes opened to the the type of design that really invigorates me.

It’s not about replicating tea houses 4+ metres from the ground (although you never know) for me it’s about translating that playfulness and attention to human interactions into my projects going forward.

Overall I feel like I’ve learnt a great deal this year. I’ve struggled with too few hours in the day, stressed about small things and missed large things. I definitely suffered at points from having 3 years away from architecture, but I also feel that as a person I have a much better sense for the realities of life than If I’d pushed straight through from my Bachelors to my Masters.

Hopefully all being well with my submissions I can start the fifth having developed the tools to create a strong, intriguing and fun thesis project. Oh and scheduling in more model making time…

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