Alongside University and work at AKT II I have been creating concept designs for private project since January. The brief is for a new clubhouse at the race circuit which can be used for automotive events, functions and race meetings. As I used to work on automotive events for them I know the required functions well.

The project has gone through a number of iterations up until now. The biggest shock was someone asking me how much it was likely to cost!! We’ve spoke about costing in Pro Practice and complete representative costings of our designs, However the major difference is that this time some one is asking you to design TO a specific cost. That’s a very different process. One in which you end up focusing really hard on specific areas of functions, especially when the budget is tight and the main function is a 200 person capacity restaurant function room.

The client is the MD of Thruxton, but they rent the land associated with the proposal. I haven’t been particularly involved with the financial side of things but I’m very aware that getting funding for projects in these scenarios requires not of careful attention.

The major point of the project so far was a board meeting that I attended in order to advocate the design. It was a pivotal moment in securing board approval to press ahead for funding. I’m glad to say it was successful so we can head into the next stages. Namely Planning and then Tender.

In a similar manner to costing I’ve been subjected to the RIBA plan of works in tutorials, but you start to full understand it when you apply it to real world scenarios. Over the past 3 months I’ve been working on a day rate basis to prepare information for Stage 1 [Preparation and Brief] and Stage 2 [Concept Design]. The project is now at a stage to being developed design, apply for Planning and then complete  Technical Design in order for the project to start on site in October. That way it stands a chance of being built for the winter and opening for the 2017 racing season.

This means that I need to prepare a fee proposal for taking the project through Stages 3 & 4. This is something that I can say is completely new. I don;t think we’ve really spoken about how to create a fee proposal in tutorials – fee rates and payment schedules are terms I recognise but don’t fully understand. I’ve found that even in practice as an office junior for some reason you are sheltered from know the mystic workings of fee proposals. Maybe it’s the lack of it, but as a profession I think we’re pretty bad when talking about finances. Anyway, it’s another thing that I think is best learnt with practical experience – so I’ll research it throughly and give it my best shot!

I know this is a very tight time scale, but it’s certainly something to aim for. I’m going to be relying heavily on help and collaboration from both my Father and Brother to make the project successful. It feel





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