Pavilion Construction Sequences

Over the past few months I’ve been heavily involved with the pavilion project as part of the drawing team. Jonnie Rees has done the major thinking and created a superb set on construction drawings. You can tell he has spent time on site and this experience  has been invaluable to him for this process. Hands on time on site is an experience I really need to gain in order to be more confident with detail work. I’ll work on this in the summer months.

Playing to my strengths I created a full RHINO 3DM from JR’s fabrication drawings. It was a useful checking procedure and threw up only a few minor issues. It also meant that I could produce a set of AXO’s to explain the construction sequence – a bit like an ikea flat pack manual, except for a building. The completed sequence is below the text. These were also used by Simon and Takeshi to supplement the Risk Assessment they sent to Ian Appleford, the university’s Health and Safety officer.

We’re in a fairly unique position within the Architectural school in that we have a live project. As a student it is exciting to be involved with the hands on fabrication and build process. But also it allows us to gain experience of professional principles. For example we have a ‘client’ in the Dorich House Museum (DHM), with David Falkner attending Design reviews and crits it’s been interesting to react to his feedback. Whilst we are not directly involved with the planning process we are aware of it. DHM has an agreement for a pavilion structure in the grounds for a 5 year period. It is subject to a few height restrictions.

We also have to  navigate health and safety issues – something that’s very easy to overlook during your thesis project but impossible to do so when in practice. As a studio we had a meeting with Ian Appleford where he raised his concerns about the preliminary (at that stage) designs. He was obviously concerned with the problems of working at height, highlighting a potential need for scaffolding. I’m sure that we will have a few visits from him and his team to ensure that we are working correctly. So as a cohort we will need to make sure we are adhering to our RA criteria and using the mobile platforms and approved method of construction correctly.

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