Final Tutorial notes -27.04.2016

Extend colonnade across – semi external space.

Building nestled within colonnade.

Stone cladding to building

Path that goes off into the tress and down onto the lower level.

What happens with getting down to the lower level? DDA compliance? Could the lift go down in the middle?

TH – could it be a sliding lift? – Probably a good reason why you don;t see them very often.

Getting esoteric.

One roof that changes shape – has a relationship to the ground. Supported on edges by columns. Sedum Roof. Fascia to roof in stone.

Sheltered perimeter to Public space. feels suitably generous.

Colonnade is grid width.

Colonnade drifts into language of trees.

Size of columns? Chunky or Slender.

Facade envelope in Timber.

Stone greater relation to scale of the buttresses.

Use different types of stone. Dressed stone columns up top, rough columns at bottom – fades into being more rugged.

Cairn stone stacked in woods

Walter Segals style building inside.

Use stone flooring internally and externally.

use the thermal mass of the stone with underfloor heating internally.

Woodland cemetery in Stockholm – bigger scale but a good reference.

How tall do the columns need to be? Could become 3-4 metres high at the lowest point of the site / building.

Then the columns become a piloti for supporting the floor plate.

Draw typical sections to understand how the colonnade and building connect. Continue a tectonic development.

Key part is grid and minimal touching to the ground.

Structural concept is column with beams – maybe the beams don’t always have to be horizontal so the roof could triangulate across the landscape – as long as there is enough head room.

Diagram of grid / columns  as first drawing in portfolio?

Foyer in centre with a view to the courtyard.

Series of cellular rooms down one side with open side facing the courtyard.

People gather at the end in a double height space.

Compression and expansion of grid.

Is one lift enough for the both buildings? It probably is?

One lift in corner  makes sense with social space too. Then is the walk way covered or not.

2 typical 1:20 sections.

Takeshi prefer hand drawings

Series of hand line drawings with photo collage behind.

Do we have to have 4 elevations.

Smaller elevations with larger context.

Get rid of balsa wood and draw road on instead.

Do you need the extra building? Could this perhaps have all the utilities in it?




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