The culmination of our Making Week was the symposium at Dorich House with our Tutors, Fujimori, Adam Caruso and Tanya Harrod in attendance.

The entire evening was full of interest discussions from the panel, centred around our studios themes. I was really captivated by Adam Caruso. I have seen some of his practices work, most notably Nottingham Contemporary with the superb lace decorated concrete facade. However I have never known much in depth about his practice. On the face of it there was a huge void between the work his practice completes in comparison to Fujimori’s work. However, deep down, there is a similar attention to design.

He spoke sole about a single project. The St Gallen Cathedral. [] Unique opportunity to design within the walls of a cathedral. The underlying theme that astounded me was the sheer tenacity to achieve ‘perfection’. The design is for a set of elliptical steps crafted from terrazzo with an inset pattern. See image below. I was happy to hear that a Rhino model had been made to ensure the accuracy of the design. I was amazed, and happy, to then discover that the tolerances in CNC milling were too great. Therefore the Rhino model was used to create over 2000 detail drawings of each pattern for the craftsmen to follow on site.


I should mention that it was Fujimori’s final event in England before heading back to Japan.  He’s an utterly charming man with a superb sense of humour. I made sure to say “Arigato” to him profusely before I left.

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