As we march on passed Interim Crit I’m fairly confident that I have the outline of a decent project. My masterplan came under slight criticism from the external critics for not having any ideas. It’s partially my own fault for not emphasising it on my wall and partly as a result that I paused efforts on the masterplan to concentrate on my detailed proposal. However, Takeshi came to my rescue by rummaging through my folder of A3’s that weren’t displayed to find a plan that featured 5 towers and a cable net structure in order to prove that I did! And I though tutors were meant to make you feel rubbish during crits!!

As for my proposal it was received well with he cries and tutors commenting that taking the rhythm from the wall was a strong thesis and that the walter legal style and scale of the building suited a university self build brief. However there is undoubtedly a significant amount of alterations, revisions, developments and designing to go – and that brings me to my concerns.

I have a lot going on. I know that the course is full time and that working 2 days a week in practice was stretching my time. But the chance to pursue my own design from scratch for a real client presented itself and it’s an opportunity I’m not going to pass up! It does mean that my time is incredibly stretched for the foreseeable future and I’d be naive to think that my studies won;t be affected. But I’ll give everything 110% and see where I get to.

Time for a drink then. See you at the bar on Wednesday for a fundraising drink.

Really like the poster my good friend Etienne made!

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