Sir Nicholas Hawksmoor

Happy that I got my first choice Dissertation subject on Hawksmoor with Alex Stara as advisor. I enjoy formal writing but I’ve only ever written about modern architectural history so this should prove a new challenge. I’ll leave you with my proposal below.

Monumentalising London. A critical study of how Nicholas Hawksmoor’s inventive and varied articulation of Church spires punctuate London’s urban landscape and create markers in the city.

Hawksmoor can be described as the Architect’s Architect. Compared to Wren he remained relatively unappreciated until recently. However, his work has transcended generational fashions and provided inspiration to great Architects from Lutyens and Lubetkin to Lasdun and Stirling.

Of the 50 churches commissioned under the 1710 parliamentary act only 12 were realised – six entirely by Hawksmoor. The interior spaces are consistent – generally a single room that is conventional in form and modestly arranged. In contrast the spires are diverse. Some are incorporated completely into the plan, others are almost entirely freestanding. Some are tall, elegant and delicately detailed whilst others are shorter and more robust in proportion.

In addition to first hand experience that presents itself in the ability to visit the Churches there is a plethora of media available. The principle resources will be Kerry Downes ‘Hawksmoor’ book, ‘Nicholas Hawksmoor: Seven Churches for London’ by Mostafavi and Binet as well as the recently published ‘From the Shadows’ by Owen Hopkins.





Featured Image:

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