REFLECTION: Walter Segal AA Exhibition

Unfortunately I couldn’t make  the live seminar, fortunately the AA upload the lecture videos promptly and the video section of their website is very interesting resource. The archive has some fascinating lecture from Denys Lasdun that I used for my essay. Kingston really needs to catch up documenting and presenting fantastic lecture series we have.

AA Segal Video: Video:

I also went to exhibition and between it and the seminar I could feel a shift in some of my personal Architectural theories. The discussions point out the apparent and desperate situation that London housing finds itself in. What Kareem Dayes is striving to achieve through RUSS is very admirable. I’m not entirely convinced it’ll be the solution to the problem – People make a considerable amount of money from large scale building and I think those same people are too powerful to let anything change that.

More interestingly to me was whilst viewing the exhibition I came to the realisation that, in general, buildings are heavy items with clumsy, clunky cumbersome connections to the ground. The Walter Segal approach has it’s failings that need addressing if it is to become rejuvenated, but I find the way it connects to the ground lightly, with minimal foundations and earth works is very intriguing. This is definitely something I’d like to carry forward and develop into my studio project for Kingston Hill. It’s also something we will need to consider for the pavilion as Dorich House is subject limited ground work in order to protect the tree routes.

It reminded me of a building from Inter Seminar University that we visited in Japan. It’s a halls of residence and although it is built from a  concrete slab, the floor plate is stepped so that the building follows the contour of the landscape, protruding out in places. For a big building it has the appearance of floating in places.





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