Play Me, I’m Yours

As a result of Shin suggesting Public Pianos I revisited an art initiative that was present in London in 2012. I distinctly remember walking past the Tate Modern and pausing to listen to the exquisite Piano playing that a complete stranger was treating his audience too.

Take a look at the website below, in particular St Jude on Carnaby Street.

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It also reminded me of a quote that I discovered whilst reading for my history assignment on Denys Lasdun. He is reported to have kept an image of people gathering around a band whilst designing the National Theatre – enthralled by the idea that the whole building could become the Theatre. In his 1989 Lecture at the AA he calls it

“His favourite picture, Architecture without Architects, If you like. Just people making a jolly circle around a band playing. The fundamental tendency of the human race to create some kind of three dimensional space, even without any formal training.”

I really like this image of people gathering around buskers at a Band Stand.

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