Master Plan Crit 16.12.2016

What has happened to the music block in the future? – relocated from Coombehurst house. As it’s not fit for purpose.

Theme of a piano. Reintroduce – Relocate.

What happens to the Paths around the site?

Pianos in the city – Street Piano –

Pianos in the woods.

Idea of a music school needs reinventing? Should it be practice rooms or practice spaces, indoors or outdoors?

Music festival where they dot pianos around the woodland.

Does the teacher have to run between locations?

Waking up to music – does this mean it is near the existing halls?

Earl – would you get planning to remove the trees?

SJ – planting trees is an interesting long term scale. Planting versus change is useful barometer

Interesting formal landscape at centre of a woodland site – juxtaposition very useful. Formal gardens almost like mini city plans.

TH – Too many ideas – how do they work together. Whether you should maybe focus on one or two of them.

How far developed does the masterplan have to be?

informality due to the fact its always under construction – always changing due to phasing – interesting. Maybe this leads to a Walter Segal type approach – transitional buildings.

Piano and Planting

Planning for the streams – anticipation of amazing landscapes – slowly dig the streams.

Is it a planted woodland – not all matured trees.

TH – trace trees from historic maps.

SJ – not too worried about lots of ideas – identified lots of interesting ideas and moments that can be developed more.

Clear and logical progression but also delightful moments to develop further.

You can identify special opportunities including landscaped centre and wall.

Quite a challenge – what is the face of a university.

Shin’s point – more conceptual point of view centred around the piano.

Does the centre of the formal garden become a band stand or a musical instrument instead. 

25 years service plan of planting on the site. Another layer of organisation.

Open the university to the community to use the university facilities.

Trunk trail – exercise trail through the woods.

Student Bar under used – does this become a place for the city. Good music scene. going to student union as a member of the public.

Social aspect of the site more interesting to the public than the academic side.

Norway – kids have lessons in the woods.

Practice rooms become mini concerts halls for the community – pensioners listing to piano for the morning.

Gamelan room performance space.




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