Masterplan Tutorial Notes

  • Where is Isabella plantation in relation to everything?
  • Interesting to note that RV (engineering) could just fit into the gap.
  • Which Cambridge court are the buildings? Check that it is Kings.
  • Seminar is just placed randomly.
  • succession of squares / Piazzas (I like this idea)
  • Simon agreed on CHH refurbished into offices space
  • Working in a good methodical way
  • Feels quite clear and clarity of seeing the site.
  • CHH well suited to admin / offices.
  • Does accomadtion at RV need demolition of refurbish of existing building.
  • What does the orchard in terms of circulation? does it need to do anything?
  • Interesting idea of more formal landscape to the centre.
  • Relation of this to the old Kenry house
  • Hampton court garden study interesting
  • renew the formal view / grand view of Kenry house because the huts and computer room in front of it is removed
  • nature of  formal central space – similar to Cambridge.
  • Don’t replicate Cambridge typology.
  • Distinction between wilder peripheries and maintained inner.
  • Rear elevation to nightingale is important. David’s section but with it in elevation rather than section.
  • TH Intriguing proposal – trying to change the front of the university.
  • What it does if your proposal ‘turns the site upside-down.’
  • SJ – Interesting drawing draw outlines of buildings and then just the ground floor doors. Interesting to see the ground floor entries, exits and thoroughfares of the buildings are.
  • Kenwood House – Hampstead Heath. English Heritage property – designed by Robert Adam. White rendered house with promenade in front of house with the trees merging into the wilder area. with ancillary buildings to the rear.
  • Reverse the Site.
  • SJ – Orchard apple / orange trees trained along walls – similar to Hampton Court.
  • SJ – does’t have to be one big idea, could be a series of small moves.
  • Buildings still feel like they don’t have enough about them yet.
  • Facade of Kenry house becomes very important once the huts are removed. It overlooks the centre of the site again. Becomes the front facade of the manor house similar to TH is talking about.
  • Does this become the image of the university building.
  • Highest, most prominent building on the site.
  • Trying to envisage what it’s like when everything in front of the building is gone.
  • TH – Hampton court shown as a diagram highlighting the areas of garden and pathway and trees.
  • Plan of Isabella Plantation would be very interesting.
  • Together with enhances and doors – how are the buildings perforate.
  • Diagram where you draw the public spaces that you can walk in and out of – treat these the same as the external spaces?
  • In a way an oly plan / city plan for the campus.
  • This changes things quite a lot.
  • Kenry house a key building.

masterplan sketch 1


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