Studio Pin Up 18.11.2015

Notes from Review:

  • SJ – Graphic Layer is too heavy – needs to be toned down.
  • TH – Very clear pen drawing in sketchbook.
  • SJ – Interesting to identify different pours in Aristonbiru sketch.
  • SJ – Diary feels much more efficient way of collating information -more useful than indesign file.
  • SJ – Diary graphically good.
  • TH – Great attempt to draw Axonometric – not quite there yet but getting there.
  • TH – Annotation style not right, too heavy.
  • SJ – Composition not right. Joint drawing doesn’t add anything.
  • SJ – 1:1 should show the insulation depressed where the screw bites in and no air gap. Show membrane @
  • SJ – worth explaining the way the metal sheet is made, in plan before it is folded.
  • SJ – Junction should be overlapped, the panel joins are staggered not straight line.
  • SJ – ground line not dead straight.
  • SJ – show concrete upstand, gravel, flashing and zinc not finishing at ground level.
  • SJ – Screws need to go through sheet, rather than clipping corner.
  • TH – Easy to read exploded view if it is not overlapping the drawing.
  • SJ – Revisit the composition. Zinc views should be square, they don’t look right.
  • SJ – Heated Flooring pipes are wrong. 15mm pipe more spaced apart. As it is looks not right.
  • SJ – Show concrete screed and plaster finish.
  • SJ –  could do with a  well chosen photo along side to compliment
  • SJ – Borders distracting from drawing. Rearrange, move the axo more central, give it more space rather than worrying about fitting it all.
  • TH – Annotation end looks like light fitting, change to dot or arrow.
  • TH – Extended line disrupting, put text closer to element.
  • SJ – if the lines are getting in the way, number parts. probably do lines, but closer so lines left prominent
  • TH – David’s drawing successful and more clear in this respect.
  • SJ – Block plan becomes outlined rather than shaded. As at the moment it is too heavy

Points of Action:

  • Tone down graphic – let the drawing’s speak. 
  • Change annotation style, move closer to element, lighter lines, more appropriate end style. (David Ryan’s drawing as a reference.)
  • Redraw 1:1 without air gap and add depression to insulation.
  •  Drawing to explain how a Zinc panel is made from a flat sheet and explains the zincing process. 
  • Adjust Junction and screws to overlap. 
  • Move exploded panel off of drawing completely
  • Show the fixings to the corrugated steel. 
  • Re-draw as Axonometric not Isometric – so that the zinc panels become square. 
  • Edit the flooring pipes to correct size and space ( 15mm and 500mm spacing)
  • Show Concrete screed and plaster finish to floor. 
  • Show external ground condition. 
  • Edit a well chosen photo in portfolio to help explain.
  • Remove Borders
  • Make block plan an outline drawing. 

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