Studio Pin Up 28.10.2015

Site Sections + Photographic study.

Good choice of section cut, Trees much improved.

Roots are too heavy, in reality they might be a bit thinner and more spindly or the rest of the section line needs to be thicker.

The way the lawn fades is very effective, needs to be more depth to the woodland. drawn in the manner of the trees in elevation in the background.

Show the private house to the left of the section in elevation.

Car and bus work well giving scale. add car on private road, maybe parked in the driveway? 

delete the very definite area under the footings of CHH on both drawings.

Trees on the 1:50 very successful.

1:50 works well in relation to photographs.

1:200 would benefit from more trees in the background.

Section line could be as strong as the trees.

Drawing needs to be understood from further away. Make it say something strong. More layers of dense trees then open forest.

Plan with section key on drawing in order to make it a drawing for a final piece for submissions.

How do you present the drawings as a portfolio. Is it mounted, scanned, how do you keep it from getting damaged?

 As a way of bookending drawing, show density  of trees on other side of kingston hill road. Show house at other end. Show campus within these areas of trees. 

Explain the idea of the more unmanaged woodland – drawing in rhododendron. half metre of vegetation to indicate it isn’t lawn it’s undergrowth.

Photographs work well in orientating you within the sections. Idea of photograph is to show element you can’t in the drawing. 

Bike photo suggests underuse. 

Draw the shutters in elevation on the 1:50. The shutters show sorry adaptation of building – which is the case. 

Bicycle photograph very nice. Pick the photo of the house (retake this with tripod?)

Both photos need levels lightening to show more texture. Print in grayscale to avoid purple hue.

Think Tom Emerson – 6A ETH Zurich site survey books. Example of cutting through forest showing ground conditions. Talks about the scale of the buildings and forest and opening. 

Trees in two tones behind. Simon says not far off. 

1:50 draw the rest of the Coombehurst Studio building to identify the differences in volumes between the buildings. 

People not convincing. Musical instruments / furniture could work a lot better.  

Staircase looks odd, looks to thin. stair case. hand rails and boarding in elevation. dot in the stairs as per the truss. 

Points of Action:

1:200 Section:

  • Thicken up the rest of the cut line to balance the trees.
  • Draw trees in the background of the forest. draw lighter trees in elevation.
  • Draw elevation of private house with car parked on driveway.
  • Delete very definite area under footings of CHH
  • Plan with Section key. Identify which trees are shown.
  • Draw Trees on the other side of Kingston hill road, in section.

1:50 Section:

  • draw the entirety of CHS.
  • Delete people
  • Draw drum kit and chairs in studio
  • Draw grand piano in practice room and office furniture in offices of CHH


  • Change levels to show more texture.

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