Studio 21.10.2015 Weald and Downland + Feedback

Today’s studio session encompassed a trip to the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum in Sussex to look at a variety of traditional building techniques. On the train journey down I had a tutorial session with Takeshi and Simon with respect to Studio Brief 1 [Site Section] and Brief 2 [Precedent Study + Fragment]

Site Section:

  • Trees currently appear cartoonish. More anatomical study and drawing of trees required.
  • Structure of tree and branches to depict canopy rather than silhouette.
  • Look up horticultural drawings.
  • Winter Trees
  • Evergreen trees differentiated?
  • Instead of thick black section line include ground conditions. e.g topsoil, cobbles, paving, grass etc.
  • Outlines of background trees could work.
  • Hedge at bottom doesn’t look correct. Maybe not needed to draw it in.
  • Internal spaces of buildings.
  • Important to show differences between internal spaces of Coombehurst house and Studio.
  • 1:50 of Coombehurst house facing the lawn.
  • Annotations and Dimension
  • Cars / Bus / Bike stand for scale.

Site Photos:

  • Look promising.
  • Bike Rack especially strong.
  • Pick a pair of photos

Precedent and Fragment:


  • Use concrete at 1:1 instead of 1:5 scale
  • Make a section of the wall, that the entire wall
  • Experiment with membrane and holes in formwork
  • Use strapping to create patterns.
  • Frame with membrane and strapping on one side

Tanpopo House:

  • Focus on the making of the stone tiles
  • Splitting stone


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