Kingston Hill – Site Survey 

Unit 5 Studio Brief 1 is to compile a site survey of Kingston Hill University Campus.


Condition Report 

Report to explain the existing condition of the campus and it’s buildings. Produced as a studio as a whole. Edited and Concise.

Site Sections

1:200 sections through the site showing buildings and topography. 1:50 extract that explains a space along the section in more detail. Pay particular attention to widths, thicknesses and components.

Simon commented that although it is a hand drawing it can be ‘made’. For Example it could be a collage – things can be scanned in, copied, aligned and re-printed.

I think that with so much topography and foliage on the site a good way to represent colour needs to be evaluated and carefully chosen.

Site Photos

Two operate A4 black and white photos illustrating a specific condition along the section.  buildings to be retained, existing buildings to be replaced as well as the topography and extensive foliage.

The section that I will be drawing is to the South-West corner of the site. 

DEADLINE: 28th October 2015

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