Dorich House – Meeting the Studio.

For the first Unit 5 Studio meeting we rendezvoused at Dorich House, a Kingston university operated museum that is situated between the A308 (Kingston Vale) and Richmond Park. It is the former studio of Dora Gordine, a Latvian-born sculptor and her husband Richard Hare, a scholar of Russian art and literature. The house is built within Orchard grounds and features a 2 metre high brick wall on the boundary of Richmond Park. Completed to Gordine’s designs in 1936 she lived in it for 55 years until her death in 1991- as the couple had no heirs Dorich House was left to the British Nation.  It is now Grade II listed and was renovated in 1993 by Kingston University to display Hare’s collection of Imperial Russian Art and Gordine’s Sculptures.

1. Temple Gate re-interpretation and Dorich House

In the grounds of Doric house is a structure built by Takeshi and Simon’s studio 3.2 in the summer of 2015. It is a 1:5 scale reinterpretation of Temple Gate from Todaiji Nandaimon, Nara Japan. Pre-fabricated in the workshop at Knights Park and erected over 5 days in the place.

Japanese Temples are rebuilt every 300 years, the act of dismantling and re-constructing allows for any repairs to take place. One of Unit 5’s early assignments will be to dismantle the structure in the grounds of Doric house, cataloguing and packaging it so that it can be sold in order to fund our own self-build project.

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